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Solo Exhibit at Fruitlands' Wayside Gallery

Please mark your calendars — I’m having a solo exhibit in the Wayside Gallery at Fruitlands Museum! "Homebound: Fiber Paintings by Kara Patrowicz" will be on display from April 28-August 22, 2021, and I'm thrilled to exhibit at such a beautiful and historic location. Thank you Fruitlands Museum for this unique opportunity to display my work in a Wayside Gallery Community Show. I’ll share more details in the coming weeks!

“Homebound” brings together thirty pieces of my work exploring themes of contemporary domesticity and family life. These mixed media pieces incorporate felting, embroidery and watercolor techniques in depictions of quotidian subjects, from chairs to iPad screens, parents and children to ultrasound imagery. Half of this body of work was created during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am interested in the meanings of "homebound” that resonate with our present moment: as a reference to life in quarantine, a time of convalescence due to age or illness, or a description of travelers in the last stage of a long journey.


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