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Felting Workshop at ConcordArt

Looking forward to teaching a new workshop, "Painting with Wool", at ConcordArt on February 9+10, 2024. More details and registration can be found here. Please contact me with any questions. It will be a wonderful, cozy two days of felting this winter!


"Wool felting is the process of meshing animal fleece fibers into a matted piece of fabric with soap, hot water, and agitation. It features fascinating history and lore about its origins, from nomadic Mongolian tribes to religious pilgrims trekking through Europe. Today this method is employed in the making of vessels and scarves, children’s crafts and original artworks.

During this workshop, we will learn the basics of wet felting and dry felting, and use these techniques to create painterly, wool felted artwork. While making two “felt paintings,” students will explore the unique characteristics of wool as an artistic medium in its textures, layering, and color variations. Students will be encouraged to bring their own source material for their compositions, such as a photo, sketch, or abstract design."

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