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I desire for my work to inspire moments of quiet absorption and reflection amidst the daily flood of contemporary distractions. I love the process of slow looking and developing layered, nuanced surfaces as a form of active contemplation. The restorative, embodying aspects of working with tactile fiber and paint materials are also central to my work.


I strive to convey an authentic experience of beauty in daily life and evoke the tenderness and sacramental qualities of domestic and familial rituals. My work focuses on still life, room interiors and family scenes, typically on a small scale, to create intimate views into one’s interior life. By depicting subjects like wedding rings, empty chairs, or fleeting moments of parenthood, my work hints at the interplay of absence and presence, memory and experience in human relationships. 

“Dear God please give me some place, no matter how small, but let me know it and keep it. If I am the one to wash the second step everyday, let me know it and let me wash it and let my heart overflow with love washing it.” 

Flannery O'Connor, A Prayer Journal
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